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5.2 The Department of Education

The Department of Education is tasked with the implementation of all legislation relating to education.

The Department of Education states as follows on www.education.ie :

State-funded primary schools used to be known as national schools and include:

  • religious schools, such as Roman Catholic, Church of Ireland, Muslim;
  • non-denominational schools;
  • multi-denominational schools; and
  • Gaelscoileanna (schools that teach through the Irish language)


  1. If the “Catholics First” policy is allowed in a National School, the Department of Education is failing to carry out its duties as primary regulator of State supported education in Ireland.
  2. The above extract from the Department of Education website undermines the whole principle of National Schools.
  3. The Department of Education appears to be colluding in illegal activities in our National Schools – activities in breach of the Constitution and other legislation.
  4. The Department of Education does not implement the provisions of the Stanley Letter which prohibits religious discrimination on admission to a National School.
  5. The Department of Education does not implement the provisions of Article 42 of the Constitution which provides for free education in our National Schools and allows that all chidren, regardless of their religious beliefs, have equal entry to these schools.
  6. The Department of Education does not implement the provisions of Article 44 of the Constitution which guarantees that the State will not endow any religion.
  7. The Department of Education does not ensure that all places available in a school are offered at the same time – which would avoid places being held back for Catholic children when non-Catholics have applied, and the school is not full.
  8. The Department of Education has facilitated and continues to facilitate the move of National Schools towards becoming faith schools (without any public discussion or any legislative changes). See the extract above from the Department’s website above.
  9. The author has no evidence that the failure in the Department of Education is due to political policies, but appears to stem from a failure at official level.
  10. A “Catholics First” admissions policy in a National School should not be allowed by the Department of Education.
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